Andrew Birk – Strip down and breathe

Strip down and breathe
Everything is life
Playing catch at night under streetlamps
The house smells like chipotles
Shave your head and stick it out the window of a moving taxicab
Some photos on your cellphone- you dont have a plan for them and you dont care
Getting held up at gunpoint
Walking from where I am to where you are to be with you
A rope swing hanging from an old tree
If you have money spend it if you dont dont
Thinking is freedom
Strip down and breathe

Strip down and breathe
poem, 2017.

Pragmatic Paintings (all untitled)
all aerosol enamel on bond paper, all 95 x 70cm,

olive oil treated pine, wood glue, henequen rope
(hung on tree at the corner of Avenida San Buenaventura and Viaducto Tlalpan),

Getting held up at gunpoint
the contents of my pocket during an attempted armed robbery near to LADRÓN (three off-brand cigarettes and toilet paper residual from inhaling mona),

Andrew Birk - Strip down and breathe - 24.1

Crater Lake hat
Hat purchased in Crater Lake, Oregon (on artist’s head), 2017.

The house smells like beans
black beans, salt, onion, garlic, jalapeño, chipotle, powdered beef stock and water simmering in cooking pot on portable electric coil stovetop,

Playing catch
Throwing the baseball with Pepe Gonzalez (@josegonzalezart) in front of LADRÓN during the exhibition,

Andrew Birk - Strip down and breathe - 0024.0

Walking from my house to LADRÓNgallery on the day of the exhibition(15km),