Quantum Leap // Vangelis Persefone


Exhibition dates: 11-15 of October

Ladrón Gallery presents the curatorial project for Chalton Gallery: ‘Quantum Leap’. This would be the first solo show of Mexican Artist Vangelis Persefone.


Vangelis Persefone is often described by himself as a nomadic homeless, super-alcoholic self though individual, this may be (or not) true regardless of what his artistic mind thinks of him. The truth is that Vangelis appeared in the emerging Mexico City´s art scene out of thin air a few years ago. Contrary to the provenance of most young artists in the city, which assisted local academies, emigrated from crime controlled territories, studied abroad or simply participated in residencies/programs and never left, Persefone´s origins remain to this day unknown.


What we all know is that as soon as he appeared his presence was felt in every opening, conference, screening, symposium or after-party, basically every public event in the city was granted the honour of his company. It is also truth that despite the usual logic of a socially hermetic and impervious contemporary art community Persefone managed –presenting himself as independent or stablished media– to earn a place in a gossip fuelled scene. During the last few years his artistic (slash) media personality has managed to develop an archive of interviews, brief texts, notes and videos of almost every active project or individual within the creative landscape of the city. His actions have been commonly described as discourteous, mischievous and insolent.


Never the less his extremely necessary research will remain – with help of democratized digital mediums such as social media– evidence that history in 2017 is no longer written by idolized entities but in the grasp of community entangled individuals who decide to make us of the means that surround their desires. One more certain fact is that such archive has been lost –due to his nomadic and unsustainable way of life– and recovered several times, converted to diverse formats, uploaded-downloaded to the cloud and torn apart into a handful of devices. However, today his work is presented for the first time since Persefone started documenting the life and character of a discrete and hostile landscape.